KELMUR | art & design

"I define myself as a conceptual artist increasingly intrigued with the ephemera of the physical body and its relationships to trauma, intimacy, memory, and society. I organize my practice into three flexible categories: Objects and (performance) residue or artifacts, performance, and relational work. Much of my work concentrates on the body and its position in the world or how we relate to each other in these bodies. My art practice swings between an inner and an outer sphere in a way that both parallels and intersects media, making, and performance simultaneously. Once I have worked on an object and satisfied my introverted nature, much of the time I will turn my attention back to the world in a performative way and vice versa.

I investigate what it means to live in my body. I am fascinated with the manifestation of my sexual anatomy and how my experiences and socially constructed expectations sculpt it. By providing my body’s residue in the art-making process, I aim to create an intimate encounter for my viewer that uses materiality to toe the line of consent and unease. I am interested in this push and pull of being, and like to dwell in that sometimes uncomfortable space.

Through my performance and relational work, I invent an arena that brings the viewer close to me or others through direct contact, the presentation of objects, or through participation in ritual. My overarching goal is to initiate discourse that creates intimacy between strangers in a way that destigmatizes ideas surrounding the body thus creating stronger connections with ourselves and each other."

Kel Mur grew up in New Jersey, graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Fine Art from Monmouth University in 2011, and received the Creativity in Studio Art Award for her senior honors thesis, Commodity. Since then she has relocated to New Orleans to develop her studio practice. Kel Mur has shown in female-centric shows like La Femme at the New Orleans Art Center, The Fairer Sex presented by Where Y'Art, and in other socially conscious exhibitions like Politico Pop-Up. She has also shown work in New York and along the Jersey Shore. Kel Mur has had artwork published in BARED, an anthology of writing and art about breasts (La Femmes Folles, 2017) and HOOT Online Magazine (2013). She also works as a freelance illustrator.

Kel Mur is a member of the Catalyst Collective of New Orleans, an art and social action initiative in New Orleans and frequently volunteers for Mama Maji, a New Orleans based non-profit that funds water projects and entrepreneurial training for women in Kenya.

Most recently, she has become an MFA candidate at the University of Wisconsin.