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I used this free bleeding project as an opportunity to get to know my body again after the insertion of my copper intrauterine device (IUD). I had a very intimate relationship with my cycle and felt disconnected from that part of myself after the procedure, yearning for a way to reconnect to the femaleness of my body. For one week, I bled through a new pair of underwear every day recording the new intensity of my flow (with the assistance of an adult incontinence aid to protect my clothes). I completely underestimated how liberating it would be to not worry about leakage, pads, or tampons. Not only had I reacquainted myself with my own creative power as a cis female, but it shed light on how damaging one-time use feminine products are to the environment and the stigmas that society puts on menstruation. I hope that in sharing this experience with viewers through photographs will empower other women to embrace their own bodies.

Protection From What?
Protection From What?
Digital print: cotton underwear, menstrual blood.
13" x 80"