KELMUR | art & design

As an artist I concern myself with the intricacies of what it feels like to be female. Women are rarely exposed to images of the female body that reflect the spectrum of its manifestation. What is widely portrayed intoxicates us with an idealized figure, leaving us dazed under assumptions of what we’re supposed to look like. Whose standards are these? Who makes the rules that cause us to fetishize the female body in the ways that we do?

My body of work consists mainly of two processes: assemblage and photographic documentation. Originally, the assemblage pieces stemmed from personal narrative but have since blossomed into a series of “Vagina Shrines”. Although all of my assemblage pieces take on a shrine-like quality, the Vagina Shrines are inspired by how little exposure women have to honest, accurate representations of female sexual anatomy. The found objects became symbols of personal experience pieced together into a one-of-a-kind, yet recognizable form illustrating how mass media fails to celebrate women’s uniqueness. You know what they say: “no two are the same”.

My photographs concentrate on making unabashed portrayals of the female body and its functions. These are pictures of you, me, your sister, your mother, and your friends. I am holding up a mirror guiding your gaze, telling you it’s all right to be comfortable in your body the way that it is- no one should have the privilege to tell you otherwise. I urge you to take in the stretch marks, the cellulite, and the blood. I believe by normalizing the female form through truthful images, we can validate being female in all of the ways it is experienced.